Final: The Ties that Bind

Final Assignment

American history is something that continues to fascinate me. Ours is a rich history, filled with a shocking amount of both progress and strife over a mere two and a half centuries. Even more interesting, though, is the patterns that form throughout it. Reform, conflict, economic trends and more all tie together in our history, despite its relatively short span of time. As I have studied American History, I have begun to see many of these connecting factors and how events throughout the past 237 years have effected our society, our living standards, and the world around us. I have also developed my personal list of what I believe to be the most important events in United States History – The Civil War, Industrialization, Imperialism, The Great Depression, World War II, and The Vietnam War. Read More…

Current Events: USA Apparently Spying On Everyone, Everywhere, Always

This is how we wish international relations were going.

This is how we wish international relations were going.

The NSA.

God, the NSA…

I actually wrote a paper on how the NSA is defying our constitutional rights to have personal privacy and to not self-incriminate. I swear, I have it saved somewhere. Their policies are just plain Orwellian at times, and it’s even starting to push the boundaries of that too. As it turns out, it’s not just American civilians being relentlessly spied on – it’s our allies too!

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Reflecting on the Cold War: The New Deal Gets Old



Well, here we are. The Cold War. Among the most defining parts of modern history. The days when we sacrificed so much of our common sense in our panic over the threat of Communism. Make no mention of the fact that the Soviet Union could barely be defined as communist, or the fact that socialism and communism aren’t inherently evil ideas, oh no. They’re always completely horrible and murderous practices, only ever instated by the most evil of monsters. It’s the same old tune – “socialism leads to mass murder and oppression.” They say nothing works when its free, or sponsored by the government – but I don’t think Marx meant it that way.

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RC-NT: The Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution

The Face of Change - For Better or Worse

The Face of Change – For Better or Worse

The Cold War is often regarded as one of the darkest times in modern history. The fear of nuclear war between the newly founded Soviet Union and Capitalist powers worldwide is so ingrained in the conscience of America and the world that it has defined our view of history. We remember the atrocities of Joseph Stalin’s ambitions and the failure of communism as an economic ideology. But what were the origins of this Soviet state? The state textbook glosses over the actual rise of the USSR and instead focuses on Stalinist Russia, which, as it turns out, was far from what the leaders of the Russian revolution had in mind.

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Current Events: Russian Race Riots Regarding Moscow Migrant Muslim Murder

A Memorial to the Russian 25-year-old who was killed.

A Memorial to the Russian 25-year-old who was killed.

I wish I had something nice to report on in these. I really do. I mean, there are so many fun things to talk about in the general news! Like Will Ferrell leading his college marching band in a Roman Soldier outfit for no reason other than “he can!” Or that guy who helped make that one terrible song releasing a new one! There are so many funny and happy things to talk about!

Unfortunately the point of this segment is hard-hitting, international news. So instead of something funny, we have yet another hate-fueled tragedy. In this case, the murder of a young Russian man and the race riots it sparked.

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Reflecting on WWII (Part 2): Why We’re Afraid of Russia

Oh goody the third worst part of our nation's history.

Oh goody the third worst part of our nation’s history.

Well that’s something that happened. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself with the Red Scare, of course, but in the end it was World War II that sparked it off. There’s little else to say on World War II, actually – at least, as far as the state textbook is concerned. According to us, America pretty much just swooped in like an avenging angel and saved the day once again. I’m sure that I’d have plenty to discuss if the book actually went into at least some of the details of our campaigns against Italy, Germany, and Japan, but I think I’ll save that set of complaints for after the break.

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Reflecting on WWII (Part 1): The Smooth Transition from Economic Reform to Genocide


This was an actual propaganda poster. In fact, I think you’ve seen this one before…

The Big One. The definitive global conflict. The war that changed everything when it came to international politics. I talked about its beginnings in my last RC-NT, but here is where the book finally catches up to what I’d been thinking about for weeks. So without further ado, let’s move on into the war that nobody forgets – World War II.

When we last left off we were focusing on the Great Depression and its effects, but I feel that here is where we start to see exactly how bad things got, and what arose from the ashes of the world economy.

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